Behavioral Health

Trained in geriatric behavioral health, our counselors foster dignity and respect for seniors in the home-like atmosphere of our Center. Curry provides referral to and coordination with mental health services for seniors dealing with psychosocial challenges such as:

  • Aging and disability
  • Grief and loss
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse

Our substance abuse program offers counseling and referral for seniors 55 and older. The first program in San Francisco to recognize the alcohol and drug problems faced by seniors, it remains unique in its philosophy and outreach.

For enrolled clients, the Curry substance abuse program includes:

  • A women’s group—every Monday afternoon
  • A dual diagnosis group—every Tuesday morning
  • A support group—every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon

Thank you so very much for helping Bruce find some peace and stability in the last year of his life.
—A participant in our behavioral health program

Addressing the Needs of Socially Isolated Adults

This is a peer outreach program at Curry Senior Center funded by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) of California. The program is designed to help connect isolated older adults to services and social activities through peer outreach while supporting the Peer Outreach Specialists in their own wellness, recovery and professional development.

The population we serve is:

  • Individuals 60 and over
  • Resident of the Tenderloin/Civic Center neighborhoods or homeless
  • Seniors who are not already connected to other programs and are isolating in their homes or on the streets

For more information about referrals and program eligibility, please call Daniel Hill, Program Manager, at (415) 885-2274.