February is Black History Month and as the new year has shown the nation, we need to celebrate this month more than ever. Curry Senior Center is dedicated to preserving the culture and history of our Black and African American clients as their contributions to the City of San Francisco are foundational.

Our partnership with the Dream Keepers Initiative has been working with us to highlight our Black community, year-round. They are constantly recording the histories that make Black culture so unique and exceptional. They recently released a book of the stories they have collected over the years and it includes many of our own client’s unique backstories and perspectives. The clients featured tell their stories of being Black in America during a time of major social unrest and sanctioned racism. Some of their stories have sad reflections of the country at the time but the overall outlook of these clients is actually very positive and uplifting showing the strength of this community to not just survive but thrive.Click here to read the book!