Equity At Curry Senior Center

We wanted to take this time to update our constituents regarding our equity work here at Curry Senior Center.

Curry convened an Equity Committee in June 2020 in response to community activism events led by Black Lives Matter that exposed racial biases. The Board and Staff support fairness and equity among all races and gender identities and developed problem and success statements to guide all-agency trainings in 2021.

Problem: Interpersonal biases among Curry Board and Staff may negatively affect our working relationships with each other and the services we provide to clients and patients at Curry Senior Center.

Success: Success is educating the Curry Board and Staff leading to self-awareness to better understand relationships with co-workers and the communities served by Curry Senior Center

We also want to recognize and acknowledge our Asian community, staff, supporters, patients and clients. The recent tension and attacks on the Asian community has not gone unnoticed here at Curry as we support and stand with you in the efforts to protect your community and advocate for ending racial bias for all.