September 8, 2020

On September 24th at 8:00am, Curry’s Project Senior Vitality was featured in a 60-minute presentation at the n4A Virtual Conference by Wellness Program Manager Angela Di Martino.

The presentation will focus on an overview of Curry’s program and its benefits in improving technology skills and health, and reducing social isolation for participants.  Angela will also provide information about how the program had to adapt quickly to the reality of Shelter-in-Place for our participants.

For decades, n4a’s Annual Conference has been the place to be for professionals in the Aging Network who want to learn, share, and network with their peers. This year’s Virtual Conference will allow the same opportunities—in a different format. Reflecting the times, this year’s Virtual Conference will feature sessions on social equity, COVID-19, business acumen, transportation, policy and advocacy, social isolation and so much more.

You can come to the conference by signing up here.

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