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Curry Senior Center Programs


From Wellness to Behavior Health, our programs help make sure we take care of the whole person.

Seniors hold the history of our society through their experiences, but without support, they are subject to isolation, diminishing health and housing insecurity.  At Curry Senior Center, we create a nurturing community that provides all seniors with wellness, dignity and independence. We serve the persistent and urgent needs of low income seniors who are aging in place in the Tenderloin and South of Market districts of San Francisco.

Wellness Programs

Curry’s Wellness Program works to plan and deliver health education, health promotion, and patient improvement programs across the agency.  It builds healthy life skills and supports clients in a variety of ways. For example, the program helps clients better manage chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or arthritis. We also help older adults make lifestyle changes by encouraging regular screenings, stress management, healthy eating and physical activity. In 2018, the Wellness Program served more than 274 clients.

Program activities include:

Education-Based Health Clinic: One-on-one patient education with a health educator. This includes specialized diabetes and hypertension management and education, assistance with glucometers and insulin use, and information about medications and side effects.

Health workshops and presentations: Topics are offered monthly in various languages.

Chronic disease self-management programming includes:

  • Six-week Stanford-designed workshop for patients and caregivers dealing with chronic conditions.
  • Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP)
  • Food Smarts – a program designed to increase healthy eating habits by learning how to cook with limited resources.
  • The Aftercare Group – an ongoing monthly support group for “graduates” of the above group classes.
  • Walk with Ease – an evidence-based six-week program to help patients manage arthritis through walking and stretching.

Senior Vitality: Enabling clients to better manage their health and well-being through in-home internet access, technology training and health coaching.

Wellness Nursing in the Home: Curry is operating a pilot program with the Cadillac Hotel to offer wellness nursing services and health education support in senior housing.

For more information about the Wellness Programs, contact Angela Di Martino, Wellness Programs Manager at adimartino@curryseniorcenter.org or 415-920-1364.

Case Management

Curry’s Case Management is a collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet the seniors’ health and human service needs. It is characterized by advocacy, communication, and resource management to help our seniors live in their own community. Services are provided to seniors in their own home, apartment, single room occupancy unit or homeless shelter. 

The Program is open to all seniors over the age of sixty or disabled who live at or below the poverty level and are a resident of San Francisco. There is no cost or fee for this program.

For more information about Case Management, contact Curry Senior Center at 415-292-1351 and request to speak to the Officer of the Day. Walk-ins are welcome.



The social center program’s priorities are emotional and physical health, education, and community engagement.

Curry Senior Center’s social programs are focused on inclusiveness. In addition to essential social services such as meals, housing, and medical care, we offer many different community programs and classes for a diverse group of people, including recent immigrants, the isolated or frail, and gay/lesbian/transgender/bisexual seniors.

Computer Lab includes open lab hours, bolstered by tutors covering social media, medical research, handheld tablets, smart phones, music downloads and Skyping in Cantonese, English Russian and Vietnamese.

Our bilingual staff offers translation services, information and referrals, and English classes. Translation services are offered in: Cantonese, Filipino, Lao, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.

The Center also offers the comfort of meals and social gatherings with others of similar cultural backgrounds. In addition, Curry Senior Center clients can participate in cultural events, walking groups, bingo, tai chi, gardening, and computer classes.

For enrolled clients, regular weekly activities like these are available:

  • ESL Class
  • Arts & Crafts Class
  • LGBT Support Groups
  • Saturday Tai Chi Classes

For more information about the Social Programs, contact Program Manager Judy Siu at  Jsiu@curryseniorcenter.org or 415-885-2274.

Behavioral Health

Trained in behavioral health, Curry therapists foster dignity and respect for seniors who are in need of mental health and substance abuse counseling. Individual and Group therapy is offered in both programs.

The Mental Health program specializes in working with older adults who are  experiencing problems like depression, anxiety, grief and loss. 

The Substance Abuse program specializes in problems associated with long term substance usage through a harm reduction model of care. As the first program in San Francisco to recognize the alcohol and drug problems faced by seniors, it remains unique in its philosophy and outreach.   

The programs are open to all seniors over the age of fifty-five or disabled who live at or below the poverty level and are a resident of San Francisco or have private insurance coverage.

For more information about Case Management, contact Curry Senior Center at 415-292-1351 and request to speak to the Officer of the Day. Walk-ins are welcome.

Senior Engagement

Curry Senior Center operates a variety of on and off-site programming to engage clients where they are, with what they need.  Program goals include reducing social isolation and connecting to appropriate services.

Peer Outreach
Addressing the Needs of Socially Isolated Adults is a peer outreach program funded by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) of California. The program is designed to help connect isolated older adults to services and social activities through peer outreach while supporting the Peer Outreach Specialists in their own wellness, recovery and professional development.

The population we serve is:

  • Individuals 55 and over
  • Resident of the Central City neighborhoods or homeless
  • Seniors who are lonely, isolated or in need of connecting to services or social activities

Drop-In Center
A low-threshold refuge and gathering place of social activities, our Drop-In Center serves isolated seniors, those living on the streets, and others who want to be in company, but not connected (yet)!  Open every day of the year and right next door to our Dining Room.

For more information about the Drop-In Center, please contact Rashaad Bess, Drop-In Center Program Manager, at (415) 292-1081, or rashaad.bess@sfdph.org

Cadillac Hotel
Curry Senior Center provides on-site support to formerly homeless individuals at the Cadillac Hotel, A single residence occupancy hotel in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District.  Includes assistance with daily needs as well as social opportunities and connection to outside services.

For more information about referrals and program eligibility, please contact Daniel Hill, Program Manager, at (415) 885-2274, or daniel.hill@sfdph.org

“Thank you so very much for helping Bruce find some peace and stability in the last year of his life.”

—A participant in our behavioral health program