Health Clinic at Curry Senior Center


Seniors in our community deserve access to health care, and our primary health care clinic makes it possible.

At the center of Curry is its primary health care clinic. Through a partnership with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, physicians and nurse practitioners provide care to patients by appointment from Monday through Friday (9 am to 5 pm).

For those seniors who cannot leave home – perhaps due to chronic illness or recovery from surgery – Curry’s medical staff makes house calls to seniors in need. In 2017:

Patients were served
Doctor & Nurse Home Visits

We accept insurance, Medicare, Medi-Cal and Healthy San Francisco. No patient is turned away for lack of funds. Our staff also refers patients to specialists, as needed, and coordinates admissions to and discharges from Saint Francis Memorial and San Francisco General hospitals.

We also provide our seniors with convenient access to the following services:

  • Podiatry clinic, where a podiatrist assesses common foot problems in seniors
  • Women’s clinic, which provides cervical cancer screening three times a month
  • Pharmacist, who fills prescriptions and provides ongoing medication monitoring

“Thank you so very much for helping Bruce find some peace and stability in the last year of his life.”

—A participant in our behavioral health program