August 7, 2020

Prior to the Shelter in Place order, Curry’s Senior Vitality program was already connecting clients to technology to ease social isolation and loneliness. When the order went into effect, our seniors were able to seamlessly stay connected, informed, and supported during the pandemic.

Senior Vitality is a program that provides clients with an iPad, access to low-cost home internet service, intensive instruction and health coaching. The program has continued to develop and flourish over the last several years at Curry Senior Center. With over 100 participants, it has remained dedicated to three essential components: technology, health, and community. However, with the program designed around in-person gatherings, COVID-19 presented an extraordinary challenge: how can Curry continue to pursue these essential goals in this new reality?

The first step was to provide health coaching and technical support through consistent phone and video calls to all of our participants. Next came the Senior Vitality YouTube channel. By partnering with Community Tech Network, Curry offered technology lessons in 3 languages, as well as Wellness videos, ranging from gardening to cooking, and healthy living sketches. Curry is supported in this important work by dedicated community partners such as Twitter and Stupski Foundation and individual donations.

Senior Vitality continues to be an essential program during the pandemic’s Shelter in Place, and a key to keeping Curry’s most vulnerable populations in touch with friends, family and social services. Curry Senior Center is committed to providing this necessary service during these uncertain times. More technology solutions are in the works, so stay tuned!

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