July 2, 2020

Curry has a long-standing tradition of Celebrating Juneteenth, a tribute that acknowledges and celebrates the end of slavery in the United States. The celebration has included a party with lunch, games, and an educational piece where seniors talk about what the commemorations mean to them. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, Curry has had to cancel all group events, including our annual Juneteenth Celebration.

Although we’ve had to cancel, Curry Senior Center would like to remember the occasion by sharing this testimonial from long-time Curry client and Consumer Advisory Panel member Diane Evans:

 “When I learned about Juneteenth in 1964 in Dallas, I was stunned. Here was a holiday celebrated by “Negroes” who didn’t need validation from anyone. They celebrated their “Freedom” their way with casual elegance. They didn’t need permission from anyone. It was too deep and strong in the fabric of Texas history and culture. Juneteenth was not taught in school, and there were no news articles or broadcasts. African Americans handled their own business and passed the history and dedication to each generation.

” There is an immense pride and fierce love shared by the African American community when we honor our ancestors and elders who endured unspeakable horrors to survive so that we can be here to thrive and pass on the legacy of Juneteenth.” – Diane Evans, Curry Senior and Consumer Advisory Panel Member

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