June 4, 2020

Senior Vitality is a program designed around in-person classes, learn how Curry seniors are adapting to virtual classes because of Covid-19.

Senior Vitality is a program that has continued to develop and flourish over the past few years at Curry Senior Center. With over 100 participants, it has remained dedicated to three essential components: technology, health, and community. With the program designed around in-person classes, tutoring, health coaching, and group gatherings, COVID-19 presented an extraordinary challenge – How can we continue to pursue these essential goals in this new reality?

The first step was to provide health coaching and tech support through consistent phone calls to all of our participants. Next came the Senior Vitality YouTube channel. By teaming up with Community Tech Network, we have been able to post technology lessons weekly in addition to Wellness videos ranging from gardening, to cooking, to healthy living sketches.

“Compared to in-person learning, remote lessons can be more accessible since they can operate independently of time and space, as well as accommodate different learning paces since students can more or less control the rate at which they absorb information,” Twitter Public Policy team member, London Lee explained.

Community partner, Twitter, contributed a video to help seniors learn how to tweet and help overcome the limitations of sheltering-in-place. 

The most recent development for our Senior Vitality community is the Zoom Hangout. For this weekly event, we invite participants to join us and take part in an engaging activity of some sort. This week, we did show and tell and got to see a wedding picture, a collection of Russian figurines, and a signed M.C. Escher print! Can’t wait to see what next week’s hangout brings as we continue to collectively overcome the hurdles brought by this Pandemic.

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