September 1, 2020

Nana Tutberidze-Stamos, a Health Educator at Curry Senior Center, recently attended an online conference about grief care and expression called Good Grief: A Mo(u)rning Conference in the Morning, presented by a partnership of Bay Area Jewish Healing Center and Sinai Memorial Chapel.

Four young professionals presented new platforms for grief navigation and expression that they have created and explored. These platforms are different from, yet build upon the traditional counseling and therapy.

While at Curry we serve older adult population, and often provide grief counseling and support, we often forget that we ourselves may also experience and grieve the loss of our clients.

Many of us use social media, and the digital platform has become an outlet for grief expression for those who could not find comfort and solace through traditional counseling. A couple of panelists, Cecilia Yang and Rachel Reichblum started their Instagram blogs (@theimaginarylibrary and @ThatGoodGrief) and shared their grief journey through chronicling quotes or posting drawings that reflected how they felt. Many people, including older adults (60+) who started following them, have found their blogs beneficial and could resonate with them.

Lately, there has been a huge shift onto digital platforms for different purposes. It has also become a new medium for grief expression. Not everyone can afford counseling or therapy sessions; often times, these resources may not even be available, but the digital platform is always present when no one else is.

Instagram blogs mentioned:

Cecilia Yang @theimaginarylibrary #100daysofgrief

Rachel Reichblum @ThatGoodGrief

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