Hearing loss is a condition that is prevalent in older adults. Hearing loss is much more than the loss of deciphering sound. It can mean a loss of communication and independence for many and can be challenging to recognize because of the emotional issues that arise for the person losing their hearing. 

Many older adults might try to hide their symptoms due to the embarrassment of asking people to speak louder or repeat things. Many withdraw from friends and family due to their inability to follow conversations or hear the other person talking. Here are some tips to recognize hearing loss in your loved ones and how you can help them find resources to improve their quality of life. 

Recognizing hearing loss can be both subtle or overt and noticeable. For example, some of the obvious signs of hearing loss include listening to the radio or television so loud others complain, constantly asking people to repeat themselves, not being able to follow a conversation with more than two people or when there is noise in the room, or becoming frustrated at situations that need close attention. Aging and losing the ability to hear can be frightening and depressing. However, people have several options to help improve their hearing and increase their quality of life. Having an open and honest talk with your loved ones and assuring them that hearing loss is a common and treatable condition is the first step to helping the older adults in your life. For more information please visit the Better Hearing Center website.

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