A new gardening program at Curry Senior Center has inspired a small group of dedicated volunteer garden novices to pick up a watering can and spread sunshine around the Center. The group, called Radical Acts of Gardening Garden Club, was started by plant enthusiast and certified health education specialist Humberto Pinon. The club was designed to engage clients in physical activity, provide social opportunities, and a healthy dose of vitamin N(ature). 

These wellness components have been shown in studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health to increase overall feelings of wellness and increased physical activity, which reduces the risk for osteoporosis and Type 2 Diabetes. They can also help to relieve symptoms of depression associated with isolation and loneliness. The group of enthusiastic green thumbs propagated, watered, and took over general care for new tropical houseplants that are now decorating various parts of Curry Senior Center. Program participant Dan said, “Plants bring people so much joy, and I really enjoy taking care of them, it brings me happiness.” You can see the fruits of their labor as they have placed their plant creations all over Curry for people to enjoy a little bit of “green” sunshine. 

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