One of Curry Senior Center’s cornerstone programs, Senior Vitality, has been shared with the Tenderloin’s growing Chinese and Russian-speaking communities. After translating and adapting the program into Cantonese and Russian, two cohorts began intensive courses teaching technology skills on iPads, with a focus on discovering evidence-based health information. Along with a health coach to help them use those skills, they improve their wellness and health over time and reap the benefits of healthier habits. After they complete one year of learning the basics, they get the chance to participate in a follow-up program that offers another year of technology training with more specific topics such as specialized apps and advanced health information searches. All of this in their native language, which empowers them to make long-lasting changes for their health. Curry Senior Center offers many of our health and wellness programs in a variety of languages, including Spanish and Mandarin, in addition to Russian and Cantonese.

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