Founded in 1988, Heffernan Insurance Brokers has been a provider of business and personal insurance, employee benefit services, and an array of financial products to the Bay Area and the nation. Their commitment to providing these services with the highest standards of care and responsibility has made them one of the largest independent insurance providers in the nation. The values and business culture they have cultivated in the last 34 years have been the foundation of their service and have led them to be named the insurance industry’s ‘Best Places to Work’ for many years. 

Started in 2009 as the Google self-driving project, now Waymo, the company has been a leader in the revolutionary new vehicle self-driving industry. The technology Waymo has created is an industry first for putting autonomous cars on public roads for the first time in history, and the first-ever driverless ride-hailing company. With operations in Phoenix and San Francisco, and testing on driverless semi-truck systems the company is only going to further revolutionize the driverless auto industry and change the course of transportation history.   

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